One Step Beyond
One Step Beyond
One Step Beyond was an American television series created by Merwin Gerard. The original series ran for three seasons on ABC from 1959 to 1961 and remains syndicated to this day. Below are some of the many public domain episodes from the series.
One Step Beyond
One Step beyond - Premonition
A woman gets a premonition that her husband will die in the war, but she is single. She then meets her future husband the premonition told her would die... [Link]
One Step Beyond - Rocks and Gas
Two stories - rocks literally fall like rain from the sky, and there's this guy who reckons he can make gasoline from mixing a tablet with water... In the strange but true category... [Link]
One Step beyond - Animal protector
A little girl seeks protection from the supernatural world when her governess turns out to be a horrible Scary Mary... [Link]
One Step Beyond - Seeing The Future

An artist witnesses a woman committing suicide, but when he calls the hotel porter to open the room it didn't happen... another day he sees it again, is it real this time...? [Link]

One Step beyond - The Gypsy
The Gypsy masterminds a jail breakout but all doesn't go to plan and there's a supernatural twist at the end... [Link]
One Step Beyond - The Boxer
Charles Bronson stars as a boxer in this tale of supernatural wartime drama... [Link]
One Step Beyond - Poltergeist Love
An enchanting tale of an older man and a young woman falling in love, and a poltergeist has something to say about it too... [Link]
One Step Beyond - The Reporter
A down on his luck reporter is strangely affected by a book... eerie... [Link]
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